"Show me the manner in which a Nation or Community cares for its dead and I will measure with mathematical exactness the tender mercies of its people, their respect for the laws of the land and their loyalty to high ideals."


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Surnames on St. Columba Cemetery Headstones

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Anheuser(2), Beier(2), Bichler(3), Bies(1), Biswell (3), Bluel(1), Booker(2), Borlen(1), Brady(6), Brill(4), Brown(3), Buckley(1), Burke(2), Cannon(1), Carey(1), Chapman(7), Claffey(21), Clark(7), Clemens(2), Clines(2), Cody(1), Cody Lilly(1), Coffey(7), Coleman(1), Courtney(4), Cryan(4), Curry(2), Daley(4), Dempsey(2), Dhein(2), Diamond(1), Dieball(2), Dimond(1), Donley(1), Donnelly(9), Donnely(1), Dougherty(3), Driscoll(2), Dunn(15), Ennis(14), Eskau(1), Fahy(4), Farley(2), Farrell(1), Fischer(2), Fitzsimmons(3), Flanagan(3), Fleming(11), Flynn(14), Garvan(1), Gebhard(2), George(5), Gibeault(2), Gillick(2), Gray(1), Green(2), Hand(1), Hansen(8), Hauser(2), Hebbring(2), Hensler(2), Hickey(2), Horton(1), Hottenroth(1), Hoye(2), Hutchins(2), Janasik(1), Jaquest(3), Jones(2), Kadow(1), Kandler(3), Kapelke(3), Kaul(2), Kelly(14), Kezeli(2), Kienast(2), Kiley(11), Kircher(2), Kitzman(2), Klamik(3), Klley(1), Koeferl(3), Kohl(4), Kreuser(3), Krueger(3), Ksicinski(2), Lehman(2), Lilley(3), Lilly(8), Lilly Buerger(1), Loew(5), Magner(6), Maguire(3), Maichle(1), Malone(2), Maroney(3), Martin(2), McCartan(12), McCarthy(3), McGrath(3), McKenna(5), McPhitridge(1), Meenan(2), Melvill(1), Melville(2), Meyer(3), Milan(1), Millay(1), Millies(1), Mueller(4), Mulhearn(3), Mulherin(4), Murphy(1), Murray(1), Nebel(2), Nellis(8), Nennig(1), Nettesheim(2), Noller(11), O'Hara(1), O'Keane(13), O'Rourke(2), O'Sullivan(1), Pehowski(2), Persick(2), Plankey(5), Pope(4), Prendergast(2), Quaid(4), Rank(1), Redmond(7), Renner(2), Rigney(1), Riley(2), Schaefer(3), Schaenzer(2), Schlee(3), Schmitt(11), Schneider(3), Schwartz(1), Sciano(3), Seebeck(1), Seidel(2), Seidl(1), Sennett(1), Sennott(15), Sheehan(12), Sheridan(1), Sieg(2), Simmons(1), Sinnott(5), Smith(1), Soba(1), Stanton(1), Stein(1), Stelter(3), Stephan(4), Stoiber(2), Stout(1), Strukell(3), Stuettgen(18), Swearingen(2), Walsch(1), Walsh(1), Wegner(2), Weiland(1), Welsh(1), Wesp(3), Whelan(2), Whipp(1), Wilfer(3), Wilke(1), Winninghoff(1), Wolf(4), Wood(2), Zastrow(2), Zechmeister(2), Zehren(5), Zielinski(3), Zimmer(4), Zisis(1)
(a plaque from a cemetery in The West of Ireland)

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Anheuser, Ernest W.; stone # 268; location: K-26; born: 14Jan1922, died: 20Aug1989; Veteran: Pfc US Army Air Corps; also on headstone: "parents of Nancy, Anita, James, Mary Beth, Jean, Kathryn, Paul"; husband of "Maggie" Anheuser (living)

Anheuser, James L.; stone # 269; location: K-26; born: 03Dec1951, died 15Sep1997; Milw. J/S obit: "Anheuser, James L. of Colgate. Tues., Sept 16, 1997, age 45 years. Beloved son of the late Ernest and Maggie L. (nee Harrigan. Dear brother of Nancy Anheuser, Anita (Craig) Ruffing, Marybeth Anheuser, Jean Anheuser, Kathryn (Chris) Pfeil and Paul, 8 nieces and nephews"....et cetera.


Beier, Johanna C.; stone # 108; location: F-30; b. 28 October 1935, d. 18 September 2016; also on headstone: "Mother"; Mrs. William G. Beier (see next entry)

[note: stone # 108 has 2 listings: Johanna C. Beier and William G. Beier]

Beier, William G.; stone # 108; location: F-30; born: 24 November 1930, died: 24 November 1996; also on headstone: "Father"; husband of Johanna C. Beier (see previous entry)

Bichler, Phillip V.; stone # 88; location: E-26; born: 1958, died: 1981; also see Zisis, Suzanne (spouse of Philip Bichler)

Bichler, Winogene ["Winny"]; see stone # 804; born: living as of 27 June 2014, died: no entry; wife of Vincent; see previous entry

Bies, Gertrude Helen; stone # 189; location: I-28; born 24 July 1940, died: 23 October 1941

Biswell, Boyd W. "Bill"; stone # 803; location: E-22; born: 11 July 1947, died: 21 October 2008; husband of Rosemary Biswell (nee: Samanske) (see next entry); married: 04Mar1965; JSOnline Notices (www.legacy.com): "Biswell, Boyd W. 'Bill' of Colgate (Lake Five). Born July 11, 1947. Passed away on October 21, 2008, of cancer at the age of 61 years. Beloved husband and best friend of Rosemary (nee Samanske) Biswell for 43 years. Loving father and hero to Wesley (Ann), Julie (Mike) Batzler and Jessica (Jake) Knox. Proud and loving grandfather of Brianna, Bradley, Jackson, Michael, Joshua and Matthew. Beloved son too the late Boyd and Irene Biswell of Claremore, OK. Brother of Corene (Ivan Knopp of Phoenix, AZ and the late Robert Biswell of Claremore, OD. Dear son-in-law to Irene Stedman. Broth-in-law to Ronald (Virginia) Samanske, Donna (Harry) Demlang, Bonnie (Dennis) Ruffing, Joanie Wendler and Cheryl (Dan) Plese. Bill was the proud owner and operator of the Roadside Inn in Lake Five from 1974-2005 and an avid race fan. He was the past treasurer and member of the Tavern League of Washington County and the Tavern League of Wisconsin. He was also the past treasurer of the Wisconsin Street Rod Association. A special thanks to Josh Knox P.A. of Froedtert Hospital, Pallative Care Team at Froedtert Hospital and Horizon Hospice. Funeral Services will be held Friday, Oct. 24 at 7 PM, at the Funeral Home. Visitation from 4 PM until time of Service. Burial will be Sat., Oct. 25 at St. Columbna's Cemetery, at 10:30 AM (Please meet at Cemetery). Schmidt and Bartelt A.A. Schmidt and Sons Funeral and Cremation Services W250 N6505 Hwy 164 Sussex 262-246-4774 www.schmidtandbartelt.com"  [note: stone # 803 has two entries: Boyd W. "Bill" Biswell and Rosemary Biswell] back of stone has: BISWELL proud parents of Wesley, Julie, Jessica

[note: stone # 803 has two entries: Boyd W. "Bill" Biswell and Rosemary Biswell]

Biswell, Rosemary; stone # 803; location: E-22 (see previous entry); born: presumed living, died: no entry; married: 04Mar1965; nee Samanske; wife of Boyd W. "Bill" Biswell (see previous entry)

Biswell, Wesley A.; stone # 809; location: E-21; Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel obituary: "Biswell, Wesley A. of Sussex, February 20, 2011, age 44 years. Beloved husband and best friend of Ann (nee Brotcke). Loving father of Brianna and Bradley. Dear son of Rosemary and the late Bill Biswell. Dear brother of Julie (Mike) Batzler and Jessica Knox. Dear son-in-law of Mary and John Brotcke. Further survived by other relatives and friends. Funeral service Thursday, February 24, at 7 PM, at the funeral home. Private burial St. Columba Church Cemetery in Colgate. Visitation Thursday 4 PM until time of the service. In lieu of flowers, memorials to Wes's children's education would be appreciated. Wes was an avid racer, motor enthusiast and raced at Slinger Speedway for 25 years...." back of stone has: "BISWELL, Full Speed Ahead till you see God Then Brake"

Bluel, George H.; stone # 144; location: H-12; born: 07 September 1903, died: 13 May 1959

Booker, Nancy; stone # 274; location: K-30; b. living, d. no date; Mrs. Richard Booker (see next entry)

[note: stone # 274 has 2 listings: Nancy Booker and Richard E. Booker]

Booker, Richard E.; stone # 274; location: K-30; born: 1942, died: 2001; husband of Nancy Booker (see previous entry); NCH comments: "Booker, Richard E., 1-5-2001, 58 yrs., husband of Nancy (nee Patrinos), father of Steven and Alycia"

Borlen, Frank; stone # 172; location: I-10; born: 1863, died: 1950

Brady, Dennis; stone # 12; location: A-18; born: no date, died: 23 January 1863; also on headstone: "aged 63 years, native of County Armaugh, Ireland"

[note: stone # 12 has 4 listings: Dennis Brady, Dennis Brady, Margaret Brady and Peter Brady]

Brady, Dennis; stone # 12; location: A-18; born: no date, died: 07 May 1861; also on headstone: "aged 28 years"

Brady, Elizabeth; stone # 14; location: A-24; born: no date, died: 07 December 1890; also on headstone: "aged 75 years, born in Co. Armaugh"; also see Michael Brady (2 entries below); also on this headstone are Elizabeth Murphy and Mary Donnely

[note: stone # 14 has 4 listings: Elizabeth Brady, Michael Brady, Mary Donnely and Elizabeth Murphy]

Brady, Margaret; stone # 12 (see 3 entries previous); location: A-18; born: no date, died: 02 November 1870; also on headstone: "aged 63 years, native of County Down"
June 1880; also see Elizabeth Brady (two entries previous)

Brady, Peter; stone # 12; location: A-18; born: no date, died: 23 September 1868; also on headstone: "aged 30 years"

Brill, Elizabeth; stone # 181; location: I-22; born: 1916, died: 1994; also on headstone: "Daughter"

[note: stone # 181 has 4 listings: Elizabeth Brill, Georgian Brill, Joseph Brill and Susan Brill]

Brill, Georgian; stone # 181; location: I-22; born: 1922, died: 1947

Brill, Joseph; stone # 181; location: I-22; born: 1885, died: 1971; also on headstone: "Father"; husband of Susan Brill (see next entry)

Brill, Susan; stone # 181; location: I-22; born: 1887, died: 1929; also on headstone: "Mother, nee Klein"; Mrs. Joseph Brill (see previous entry)

Brown, Elvira N.; stone # 164; location: I-4; born: 20 March 1897, died: 26 April 1983

Brown, Harry R.; stone # 161; location: I-2; born: 03 December 1889, died: 23 November 1965; Veteran: Wis. Colonel US Army Ret. WWI and II Arcom.

Buckley, Ellen; stone # 114; location: G-4; born: 1851, died: 1932; buried with Sheehan family

[note: stone # 114 has 5 listings: Ellen Buckley, David Sheehan, Elizabeth Sheeehan, Johanna Sheehan and Michael Sheehan]

Lilly Buerger, Maywin "Dub Da"; stone # 130; location: H-4; b. 29 August 1893, d. 09 December 1972; also listed with "L's"

Burke, Catherine; stone # 45; location: C-14; born: no date, died: 06 April 1861; also on headstone: "aged 3 years"; buried with Kelly family

[note: stone # 45 has 5 listings: Catherine Burke, Mary Burke, John Kelly, Margaret Kelly and Michael Kelly]

Burke, Mary; stone # 45; location: C-14; born: no date, died: 18 February 1866; also on headstone: "wife of David Burke"; buried with Kelly family


Cannon, Mary J.; stone # 11; location: A-14; born: 26 February 1872, died: 26 August 1880; buried with Fahy family

[note: stone # 11 has 6 listings: Mary J. Cannon, Maria Fahy, Mary Fahy, Michael Fahy, Patrick Fahy and Elisabeth Stanton]

Linden Gillick Carey, Almyra; stone # 141; location: H-12; b. 1886, d. 1978; also listed under "G's" and "L's" 

Carey, Edward M.; stone # 140; location: H-12; born: 1877, died:  1952

Chapman, Ann; stone # 70; location: D-26; born: no date, died: 24 August 1903; NCH comment: "Chapman, Ann, Miss, of Richfield...died 8-24-1903, pernicious anemia, buried by her parents, brother: Matthew, 3 sisters: Mary, Katie and Margaret (Mrs. Flanigan)"

[note: stone # 70 has 8 listings: Ann Chapman, Catherine Chapman, Henry Chapman, Margareth Chapman, Mary Chapman, Mathew H. Chapman, Mathew Chapman, Sr., Margareth Flanigan]

Chapman, Catherine; stone # 70; location: D-26; born: no date, died: 29 January 1917; appears to be sister of Ann and Mary Chapman and Margaret (Margareth?) (Chapman) Flanigan who are buried at this same headstone

Chapman, Henry; stone # 70; location: D-26; born: no date, died: 25 September 1890

Chapman, Margareth; stone # 70; location: D-26; born: no date, died: 03 August 1854; appears to be mother of this family

Chapman, Mary; stone # 70; location: D-26; born: no date, died: 18 February 1909; appears to be sister of Ann and Catherine Chapman and Margaret (Margareth?) (Chapman) Flanigan who are buried at this same headstone

Chapman, Math. Sr.; stone # 70; location: D-26; born: no date, died: 05 March 1885; appears to be father of this family

Chapman, Mathew H.; stone # 70; location: D-26; born: no date, died: 17 November 1922; appears to be brother of Ann, Catherine, and Mary Chapman and  Margaret (Margareth?) Flanigan who are buried at this same headstone

Claffey, Charles; stone # 109; location: F-32; born: 1907, died: 1957; buried with Mathilda Claffey (see 16 entries below)

[stone # 109 has 2 listings: Charles Claffey and Mathilda Claffey]

Claffey, Denis John; stone # 112; location: F-34; born: 27 January 1937, died: 22 October 2005; Veteran US Army Korea; husband of Mariclaire Claffey (see 13 entries below); Milw. J/S obit: Claffey, Denis, age 68, of Las Vegas, formerly of Menomonee Falls, died on Oct. 22. He is survived by his wife Mariclaire of Las Vegas; children Pat (David) Mueller; Dee (Tom) Weber; Joan (Kevin) Leshely; Mike (Jerelyn) Claffey; and Kelly (Dennis) Collins....et cetera.

Claffey, Mariclaire; stone # 112; location: F-34; Milw. J/S obit on 06 June 2012: "Claffey, Mariclaire (Nee Schuster) of Menomonee Falls, died June 4, 2012, age 74. Beloved wife of the late Denis Claffey and mother of Patsy (David) Mueller, Dee (Tom) Weber, Joan (Kevin) Leshley, Michael, Kelly (Dennis) Collins. Loving grandmother of 10. Visitation Friday, June 8, 4 PM, Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Menomonee Falls, followed by Mass at 5 PM. In lieu of flowers, memorials to Good Shepherd Church appreciated.

[note: stone # 112 has 2 listings: Denis John Claffey and Mariclaire Claffey]

Claffey, Donald J.; stone # 125; location: G-32; born: 15 June 1930, died: 07 May 1976; also on headstone: "Son"; appears to be son of Thomas J. Claffey and Frances G. Claffey (see 3 and 16 entries below)

[note: stone # 125 has 3 listings: Donald J. Claffey, Frances G. Claffey and Thomas J. Claffey]

Claffey, Ellen; stone # 27; location B-14; born:1826, died: 20 June 1900; also on headstone: "wife of M., born in Kings Co., Ireland, nee: Martin [?]"; Mrs. Martin Claffey (see 12 entries below)

[note: stone # 27 has 2 listings: Ellen Claffey and Martin Claffey]

Claffey, Ellen F.; stone # 28; location B-14; born: no date, died: 01 November 1900; also on headstone: "aged 39 years and 12 days, nee: Donnelly"; buried with Thomas Claffey

[note: stone # 28 has 2 listings: Ellen F. Claffey and Thomas Claffey]

Claffey, Frances G.; stone # 125 (see 3 entries previous); location: G-32; born: 21 November 1894, died: 08March 1993; also on headstone: "Mother, nee: Trapp"; Mrs. Thomas J. Claffey (see 13 entries below); appears to be mother of Donald J. Claffey (see 3 entries previous)

Claffey, Francis D.; stone # 106; location: F-28; born: 1909, died: 1924; also on headstone: "Son"; buried with Vincent, John M., Johanna and two infant daughter Claffeys; NCH comment: "Claffey, Francis Dominic, at Hartford Hospital, Sunday, 3/23/1925, following 2 operations within last 2 weeks appendicitis and pus, son of John M., born 6-6-1909, in 16th yr., youngest of large family, mother died 8 yrs. ago, 4 brothers, 5 sisters, Dr. T.T. Claffey of Alderly, Jerome, Charles John, Mrs. Walter Flynn (Catherine), Clare, Magdalene, Marcella and Magdelian [?] a sister in convent Sinsinniwa, Iowa, lived with aunt, Mrs. Tim Flynn, of Hartford"

[note: stone # 106 has 6 listings: Francis D. Claffey, infant daughter Claffey, infant daughter Claffey, Johanna Claffey, John M Claffey and Vincent Claffey]

Claffey, Gayle A.; stone # 111; location: F-32; born: 1910, died: 1992; Mrs. John J. Claffey (see 5 entries below); NCH comment: "4-19-1992, 81 yrs., wife of late John J. Claffey, mother of Jane (Pat) Sullivan, Paul (Barbara), John (Marie), Mary (Tom) Seebeck, Denis (Mariclaire), sister Shirley Callan, 14 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren" [see also "Seebach"]

Claffey, infant daughter; stone # 106 (see two entries previous); location: F-28; born: 1906, died: 1906

Claffey, infant daughter; stone # 106 (see 3 entries previous); location: F-28; born: 1916, died: 1916

Claffey, Jerome M.; stone # 107; location: F-30; born: 1901, died: 1968; also on headstone: "married to Evelyn ___"

Claffey, Johanna; stone # 106 (see 5 entries previous); location: F-28; born: 1869, died: 1917; also on headstone: "Mother"; Mrs. John Claffey (see two entries below); buried with Vincent, John M., Francis D. and two infant daughter Claffey; NCH comments: "Mrs. Johannah Claffey, Fri. ___ 16, 1916, probably at home [in] Plat, nee Kenealy, daughter of James Kenealy, b 5-11-1869, taught school 5 terms, married John Claffey 6-1891, 14 children: Thomas, soon to graduate Toronto Vet. College, Canada, Jerome, John, Charles and Francis, at home, Clara, a teacher, Mary, a teacher and Catherine, Marcella, and Magdalien at home. Son Vincent died 2-1911 [?] at age of 6, Mrs. Claffey 3-1916...."

Claffey, John J.; stone # 110; location: F-32; born: 1903, died: 1963; husband of Gayle A. Claffey (see 5 entries previous)

Claffey, John M.; stone # 106 (see 7 entries previous); location: F-28; born: 1862, died: 1943; also on headstone: "Father"; husband of Johanna Claffey (see two entries previous); buried with Vincent, Johanna, Francis D. and two infant daughter Claffey; NCH comments: "Claffey, John M., 2-3-1943, by son, Dr. F. J. Claffey, Alderly short illness, born Lake Five 82 yrs. ago, 1892 married Johannah Kenealy of Erin at St. Kilians (found that they were married 6-17-1891), she died 1916, daughter Mrs. Paul Flynn, 2 sons, Francis and Vincent, preceded him, surviving children: Thomas, Mrs. Walter (Catherine) Flynn, Sr. M. Liguori, Sr. M. Ignatio, Mrs. Harry Barrett (could be Barnett), Jerome, John and Charles"

Claffey, Mariclaire; stone # 112 (see 13 entries previous); location F-34; b. 08 March 1938, d. 04 June 2012; Mrs. Denis John Claffey (see 13 entries previous)

Claffey, Martin; stone # 27 (see 12 entries previous); location: B-14; born: no date, died: 09 February 1888; also on headstone: "aged 74, born in West Meath, Ireland, erected by E. Claffey"; husband of Ellen Claffey (see 12 entries previous); NCH comments: "Claffey, Martin, 2-9-1888, 74 yrs., born West Meath, Ireland, wife Ellen born 1826, wife died 6-20-1900, a person from Minnesota said great-great-grandparent Martin Claffey was born West Meath, Ireland 1813 or 1814-homesteaded [at] Lake Five [in] 1844, married [in]1845 [to] Ellen Martin, daughter of Thomas who was born King Co., Ireland, now [Co.] Offaly [in] 1816, came with father at unknown time, son Thomas lived at what is now 4600 Monches Rd., 9 children: Thomas died 1871?, John, James, Martin, Charles, Don, Ellen, Bridget (Mrs. Mathew Kelley) and Kate (Mrs. Paul Stemke)"

Claffey, Mathilda; stone # 109 (see 16 entries previous); location F-32; born:1908, died: 1956; buried with Charles Claffey

Claffey, Thomas; stone # 28 (see 13 entries previous); location: B-14; born: no date, died: 02 November 1881; also on headstone: "aged 31 years and 9 months, son of Martin and Ellen"

Claffey, Thomas J.; stone # 125 (see 16 entries previous); location: G-32; born: 24 May 1892, died: 25 August 1964; also on headstone: "Father"; husband of Frances G. Claffey (see 13 entries previous); NCH comments: "Claffey, Thomas J., 8-25-1964, 5-24-1892, 72 yrs., a doctor, funeral services St. John Baptist Church, San Fernanda, California,... graveside services held at St. Columba's Monday, born Lake Five attended Toronto Veterinarian School and practiced [in] Alderly many years before retiring and moving [to] California 6 yrs. ago, wife Frances born 11-21-1894...."

Claffey, Vincent; stone # 106 (see 13 entries previous); location: F-28; born: 1904, died: 1911; buried with John M., Johanna, Francis D. and two infant daughter Claffey; NCH comments: "Claffey, Vincent C., 19__-1904, 7 yrs.,  by Claffey stone and also by him infants [who] died 1906-1906 and 1916-1916 but no names given; a newspaper writeup had a Vincent Claffey, Lake Five, funeral for him, he 6 yrs., son of John M. Claffey of Plat, Sunday afternoon, 2-5-1911, so that is probably same person"

Clark, Catherine; stone # 76; location: E-8; born: no date, died: 24 February 1877; also on headstone: "aged 23 years, 5 months, 3 days, nee: Ennis, Dau. of A. and A. Ennis" [or Dau. of Ann A.?]"; buried with Ennis family

[note: stone # 76 has 7 listings: Catherine Clark, Andrew Ennis, Andrew Ennis, Jr., Ann Ennis, Anna E. Ennis, Daniel P. Ennis and Peter J. Ennis]

Clark, Ellen; stone # 54; location: D-6; born: no date, died: 17 October 1858; also on headstone: "age 72"; buried with Margaret, Mary and James Clark and James Hand and Michael H. Rigney

[note: stone # 54 has 6 listings: Ellen Clark, Margaret Clark, Mary Clark, James Clark, James Hand, Michael H. Rigney]

Clark, Hannah; stone # 52; location: D-4; born: no date, died: 07 October 1891; also on headstone: "aged 29 years, 9 months, 27 days, nee: Linehan, wife of Edward J."; NCH comment: "Clark, Hannah, Lineham, 10-7-1891, 29 yrs., 9 months, 27 days, wife of Edward J. Clark, maiden name probably Linehan, born 1861, lung trouble, husband, 3 boys, oldest 10, youngest 5, mother of James and Ellen Garvey Lineham"

Clark, James; stone # 54 (see two entries previous); location: D-6; born: no date, died: 04 January 1875; buried with Margaret, Mary, Ellen Clark and James Hand and Michael H. Rigney

Clark, John; stone # 55; location: D-6; born: no date, died: 06 October 1852; also on headstone: "aged 37 years, natives of Killbride, Kings Co., Ireland, erected by his wife, Bridget"

Clark, Margaret; stone # 54 (see 4 entries previous); location D-6; born: no date, died: 21 November 1873; also on headstone: "aged 20 years, 6 months, 8 days"; buried with Mary, James and Ellen Clark and James Hand and Michael H. Rigney

Clark, Mary; stone # 54 (see 5 entries previous); location: D-6; born: no date, died: 14 March 1871; also on headstone: "aged 20 years, 11 months, 26 days, wife of James"; buried with Margaret, James and Ellen Clark and James Hand and Michael H. Rigney

Clark, Patrick; stone # 53; location: D-6; born: no date, died: 25 April 1854; also on headstone: "aged 34 years, native of Killbride, Kings Co, Ireland, erected by his wife, Rosanna"

Clemens, Irene R.; stone # 234; location: J-28; born: 1907, died: 1966; "nee: Corosilla"

[note: stone # 234 has 2 listings: Irene R. Clemens and Luther P. Clemens]

Clemens, Luther P.; stone # 234; location: J-28; born: 1906, died: 1987; a.k.a. "Clem"; operated filling station next to cemetery; NCH comments: "Clemens, Luther P., of Lake Keesus, May 13, 80 yrs., husband of Elsie [? or "Irene" of previous entry], survived by daughter-in-law Mrs. Audrey Wrensch, 2 grandchildren Sherry (John) Childers, John Wrensch Jr. and 2 great-grandchildren Marianne and Joshua."

Clines, Dolores; stone # 808; location: J-40; born: 1927; died: 26  January  2013; wife of Frank Clines (see next entry); Schmidt and Bartelt Funeral Home obituary: "Clines, Dolores went home to Jesus on Saturday, January 26, 2013, at the age of 85 years. Loving wife of Frank. Loving mother of Eileen, Dan, and Tom (Susanne). Proud grandma to Sean. Dear sister of Kenneth Coelho. Visitation for Dolores will be held on Thursday, January 31, 2013 at St. Gabriel Catholic Church (1200 St. Gabriel Way) from 12 PM until time of the Mass of Christian Burial at 2 PM. Interment to follow at St. Columba's Church Cemetery (please meet at the cemetery following the Mass). In lieu of flowers, memorials appreciated to St. Gabriel Catholic Church or the Alzheimer's Association. Special thanks to Maureen for her support during this time."

[Note: also listed on this headstone is Frank Clines; see next entry]

Clines, Frank; stone # 804; location: J-40; b. living, d. no date; "US N R WWII;" husband of Dolores Clines; see previous entry

[Note: also listed on this headstone is Dolores Clines; see previous entry]

Cody, Mary; stone # 46; location: C-18; born: 1845, died: 1874; also on headstone: "Mother, nee: Dunn, mother of Julia M., Joseph W., William J."

Cody Lilly, Julia M.; stone # 166; location I-4; born: 14 February 1870, died: 31 August 1928; buried with John Lily; also listed in "L's"

[note: stone # 166 has 2 listings: John Lilly and Julia M. Cody Lilly]

Coffey, Donald J.; stone # 254; location: K-16; born: 06 April 1905, died: 1967; Veteran World War II; buried with Eloy, Mary and Erin Marie Coffey and Catherine Stout; NCH comments: "Coffey, Donald J., 11-5-1967, 44 yrs,. died of burns at 231 W. Washington Ave., Hartford, suffocation in a fire, born Richfield 7-7-1923 to Eloy and Mary (McNamara) Coffey, graduated Menomonee Falls High School, served Army 1-1949 to 3-50, did electrical work, brothers: Leo, Edward, Eloy and Larry, 2 sisters: Regina Potkay (in 1985 her name was Mrs. Robert Klein) and Catherine Stout...."

[note: stone # 254 has 5 listings: Donald J. coffey, Eloy Coffey, Erin Marie Coffey, Mary Coffey, Catherine Stout]

Coffey, Eloy; stone # 254 (see previous entry); location: K-16; born: 23 October 1892, died: 1952; Veteran: WWI; husband of Mary Coffey (see 4 entries below); NCH comments: "Coffey, Eloy Edward, 2-23-1952, 59 yrs., heart attack, born 10-23-1892 Erin to John and Catherine (Cleary) Coffey, married Mary E. McNamara [at] Holy Hill, farmer, WWI Veteran, wife Mary died 1985, children: Donald, Leo, Regina (Mrs. Peter Potkay), Catherine, Lawrence, Eloy, brother: John, sisters: Mrs. Marie (Thomas) Condon and Mrs. Leona (Edward) Jeffords"

Coffey, Erin Marie; stone # 254 (see 2 previous entries); location: K-16; born: 19 August 1959, died: 05 December 1959; also on headstone: "daughter of Edward and Gloria"; buried with Eloy, Mary and Donald J. Coffey and Catherine Stout; NCH comments: "Coffey, Erin Marie, 12-5-1959-8-19-1959, 3 1/2 mos.... parents Ed ["Loy," Jr.] and Gloria Pinkert Coffey...Ed ["Loy," Jr.] Coffeys parents Eloy and Mary, other grandparent Emil Pinkert of De Pere"

Coffey, Katherine; stone # 216; location: J-14; born: 30 July 1922, died: 01 December 1998; also on headstone: "Mother"; Mrs. Leo J. Coffey (see next entry); NCH comments: "Coffey, Katherine, "Kay", nee Schwab, 12-1-1998, 76 yrs., wife of late Leo J. Coffey,  mother of the late Patrick Coffey and Kathleen (Jeffrey) Dobbe, grandma of Dana and Mara. sister of Joseph (Jennie), Wichita, KS, and Jerome (Rosemary) Schwab, Margaret (Orvin) Ritter and Helen (Fred) Bettinger, Reno, NV, retired employee of Wisc. Bell"

Coffey, Leo J.; stone # 215; born: 02 December 1924, died: 06 November 1989; J-14; "Veteran: Pfc US Army WWII"; husband of Katherine Coffey (see previous entry); NCH comments: "11-6-1989-12-2-1924, 64 yrs., husband of Katherine (nee Schwab), father of Patrick B. Coffey and Kathleen (Jeffrey) Dobbe, brother of Regina (Robert) Klein, Catherine Stout, Lawrence J. (Mary Ann), Edward Eloy (Gloria) Coffey. member of Operating Engineers Local 139, PFC US Army WWII parent[s] Mary and Eloy [Coffey]"

Coffey, Mary; stone # 254 (see 5 entries previous); location: K-16; born: 31 July 1894, died: 19 August 1985; Mrs. Eloy Coffey (see 4 entries previous); buried with Eloy, Erin Marie and Donald J. Coffey and Catherine Stout; NCH comments: "Coffey, Mary Eleanore, 91 years, of West Allis, died about 6-15-1985, lived with daughter [in] Glendale, born 7-31-1894 [in] Washington County to James and Johanna (Manning) McNamara, married Edward [on] 4-25-1922 [at] Holy Hill, a nurse, husband Edward first name is actually Eloy and Edward his middle name, 3 sons: Leo, Lawrence and Ed ["Loy, Jr."], 2 daughters: Regina (Mrs. Robert) Klein and Catherine Stout, preceded by husband and son Donald, brothers: Dr. Louis and John, St. Kilians records show her as born 7-30, 19 grandchildren, 19 great grandchildren"

Coffey, Patrick B.; stone # 217; location: J-14; born: 15 February 1956, died: 07 January 1995; also on headstone: "Son"; NCH comments: "Coffey, Patrick, 1-7-1995, 38 yrs., b. 2-15-1956, son of late Leo and Catherine (Schwab) Coffey, special friend of Robert Simard and Walter VonDerEhe, sister Kathleen Coffey Mrs. Jeffrey Paul Dobbe [?]"

Coleman, Catherine R.; stone # 25; location: B-10; born: 1851, died: 1916

Courtney, Dennis R.; stone # 810; location: G-26; b. 19 May 1956, d. 03 January 2013; also on headstone: "Loving Father of Adam, Ryan, Amanda"; Milw. J/S obit on 06 Jan 2013: "Courtney, Dennis R. Of Hartford. Born to Eternal Life Thursday, January 3, 2013, at the age of 56 years. Loving father of Adam (Tiffanie), Ryan and Amanda Harness. Dearest son of Theresa Courtney (nee Hansen). Fond brother of Pamela Courtney, Richard (Jeanine) Courtney, Paul (Patricia) Courtney, Ellen (Brian) Kuehl and Cynthia (David) Nissen. Proud grandfather of Joseph Roark and Dylan and Karlie Kaufman. Further survived by nieces, nephews, other relatives and many friends. Preceded in death by his Robert and brother Steve. Dennis worked at Aerial Work Platform in Sussex. Mass of Christian Burial 12:00 PM, Wednesday, Jan. 9, at St. Gabriel Catholic Church, 1200 St. Gabriel Way, Hubertus. Visitation 100:00 AM until time of Mass at church. Burial following Mass at St. Columba Cemetery, Lake Five. Yonke & Son Funeral Home 205 Prospect Ave., Pewaukee (262) 691-1900."

Courtney, Steven R.; stone # 802; location: I-10; born: 02 June 1969, died: 22 October 2006; also on headstone: "beloved son and dear brother"; Milw. J/S obit.: "Courtney, Steven R. Age 37, passed away October 22, 2006. He was the loving father of Claire and Luke. Survived by his mother, Theresa; brothers and sisters, Pamela, Dennis Richard (Jeanine), Paul (Patti), Ellen, and Cynthia (David) Nissen. Loving nieces and nephews along with many friends. Visitation will be Tuesday, October 31, 2006 at St. Anthony's Church on the Lake, Pewaukee from 4PM with Mass at 7PM. In lieu of flowers, donations to St. Anthony's School Pewaukee-Endowment Fund appreciated."

[note: stone # 802 has 2 listings: Steven R. Courtney and Theresa M. Courtney]

Courtney, Theresa M.; stone # 802; location: I-10; b. presumed living; d. no date; nee: Hansen; also on headstone: "m. 13 December 1935, loving Mother of Pamela, Dennis, Richard, Paul, Ellen, Cynthia, Steven"

Cryan, Ann; stone # 7; location: A-8; born: no date, died: 12 December 1881; also on headstone: "aged 66 years, wife of James"; appears to be Mrs. James Cryan (see next entry)

[note: stone # 7 has 4 listings: Ann Cryan, James Cryan, Mary Cryan, Thomas Cryan]

Cryan, James; stone # 7; location: A-8; born: no date, died: 19 December 1880; also on headstone: "aged 64 years"; appears to be husband of Ann Cryan (see previous entry)

Cryan, Mary; stone # 7; location: A-8; born: no date, died: 28 May 1879; also on headstone: "aged 22, daughter of J. and A."; appears to be daughter of James and Ann Cryan (see previous two entries)

Cryan, Thomas; stone # 7; location: A-8; born: no date, died: 08 October 1871; also on headstone: "aged 24 years, son of J. and A."; appears to be the son of James and Ann Cryan (see above)

Curry, Ellen; stone # 35; location: C-2; born: 01 May 1817, died: 03Mar1875; buried with James Curry (see next entry)

[note: stone # 35 has 2 listings: Ellen Curry and James Curry]

Curry, James; stone # 35; location: C-2; born: 01 April 1844, died: 04 April 1864; buried with Ellen Curry (see previous entry)